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The "AI ChatGPT Chatbot" admin staff works tirelessly, without complaint or protest - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AI ChatGPT or Claude AI

Using the most sophisticated AI Cha engines

Digitalization and Automation

80-90% of customer inquiries are answered by the chatbot.

Flexible Implementation

The chatbot can be used by any business.

24/7 Support Made Possible: AI Chatbots in Action

Experience uninterrupted support with AI chatbots that are available round-the-clock. With their advanced capabilities, these chatbots can assist you anytime, anywhere, without any delay.

The AI chatbot helps visitors learn about a critical illness product offered by MSCC. It provides assistance to those who are seeking information on the features and benefits of the product, and offers clear and concise explanations to ensure a better understanding. Test AI Chatbot <--

The AI chatbot helps visitors discover information about a music school's program, exams, and location. It offers assistance to those who are seeking to learn more about the school's offerings, and provides relevant and useful details to ensure a smooth experience. Test AI Chatbot <--


The AI Chatbot developed by Digitalpointer is designed to assist customers seeking technical guidance on the services offered by the company. With its advanced capabilities, the chatbot can provide

accurate and helpful responses to clarify any questions . Test AI Chatbot <--

It's time to automate your business with Chatbot. We offer interesting packages for your business.

The Future of Customer Interaction – ChatGPT Chatbot 2

Attractive package offers available.

We offer three packages that are tailored to the size of your business.

Direct API Integration to OpenAI

Using the OpenAI ChatGPT engine directly.

Customized to meet your business requirements.

Every bot is designed to cater to your business information and specific needs.

Design a Chatbot tailored to your Business Needs

You can have a personalized Chatbot that fits your needs at an affordable price with our 3 plans.

Boost your business productivity and customer satisfaction by assigning tasks to a reliable and efficient chatbot!

"Time is Money"

Utilize Chatbot as your customer service, so you can focus on developing your business.

The Advantages of Using a Chatbot in Your Business: Enhancing Customer Experience and Productivity!

80-90% of Customer Needs can be Handled by Chatbots 24/7 for:

Assisting Customers in Understanding Your Business


Explaining the Advantages of Your Products & Services.


Acquiring prospects


Increasing customer satisfaction

The Future of Customer Interaction – ChatGPT Chatbot 3

Increasing Customer Interaction

Business efficiency through the reduction of administrative labor costs

Competitive advantage by helping businesses stand out in a crowded market

Choose a chatbot plan that suits your needs:


Basic - Individual & Personal Business

AI conversational chatbot that handles individual profile and/or small business.

Direct API key to OpenAI or using ours

Conversation Script

Flow design

Delivery time approx - 7 days

Use your own business logo

Web integration, by iframe, pop up.

The Future of Customer Interaction – ChatGPT Chatbot 4

Standard Medium Businesses

AI conversational chatbot that handles your company profile and products & services

All of the features at Basic Plan, with the addition:

Source of knowledge: PDF, Questions & Answers, website pages.

GPT-3.5 turbo, GPT-4, or Claude AI.

Delivery time approx - 15 days

The Future of Customer Interaction – ChatGPT Chatbot 5

Multi Purpose Chatbot

AI conversational chatbot that handles your own purposes, as a knowledge base for human resources, or other divisions within the company.

All of the features in Standard Medium Businesses.

Tailored made based on individual or company's need.

The Future of Customer Interaction – ChatGPT Chatbot 6

Digital Pointer provides a range of services for custom chatbot creation, including lead generation, database storage in Google Sheets, and the ability to insert videos and audio into the chatbot. The chatbot also sends email confirmations to both potential customers and owners.

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

✅ What is AI ChatGPT chatbot?

AI ChatGPT chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that allows businesses to save on customer service resources. The chatbot is available 24/7 and can answer up to 90% of customers’ inquiries.

✅ How can AI ChatGPT chatbot benefit businesses?

Using AI ChatGPT chatbot, businesses can save a significant amount of money by reducing the need to hire more customer service representatives. The company can redirect the saved resources towards other important tasks.

✅ How much money can a business save using AI ChatGPT chatbot?

Businesses could save up to 5 million rupiah per month for UMR salary of 1 person, which translates to 30 million rupiah over six months by not hiring additional customer service representatives.

✅ Is it cost-effective to use AI ChatGPT chatbot in comparison to hiring new employees?

Yes, it is cost-effective for businesses since purchasing the bot costs only two months’ worth of salary for an employee while also providing the ability to answer up to 90% of customers’ inquiries.

✅ Is AI ChatGPT chatbot available for businesses around the clock?

Yes, AI ChatGPT chatbot is available round-the-clock, which means that customers can get support and assistance anytime they need it without waiting for human operators during office hours only.

✅ Can you customize a chatbot to meet the unique needs of my business?

Yes, our services are designed to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We work closely with clients to understand their business needs and create customized chatbot solutions.

✅ What industries can benefit from using a chatbot?

Our chatbot services are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to home-based businesses, dentists, salons, local schools, and bakeries.

✅ What type of customer inquiries can ChatGPT handle?

ChatGPT can handle most customer inquiries, including questions about products and services, opening hours, and location information. It is also capable of responding in multiple languages.

✅ How does ChatGPT enhance the customer experience?

ChatGPT provides quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, reducing the need for customers to wait for a response or contact your business through other channels. This leads to a better overall customer experience.

✅ How is the chatbot deployed?

Our chatbot can be implemented as a stand-alone chatbot or embedded into all pages of your website through a pop-up icon. Additionally, it can also be embedded into a specific page of your website, providing even more flexibility in how you choose to deploy this powerful tool.

✅ Can you train the chatbot using our specific dataset and credentials?

Yes, our service includes training the chatbot using your specific dataset and credentials. This allows the chatbot to interactively answer questions from your customers in a natural, human-like manner.